About Ḍākinī Radio

Dear Reader,

I have created this blog as a home for my ongoing comic series of the same name, and in hopes of exploring the reactions and ideas that may come up as you read.  You can read the newest installments online by clicking on the “Most Recent” tab in the menu above.

On a purely selfish level, the series is an effort to explore and unpack my own journey as an American meditation practitioner, and to share some of the surreal experiences that have shaped my life as a “Dharma Brat” — a second-gen Buddhist raised in Boulder, Colorado, by parents who began practicing Vajrayana Buddhism with the somewhat infamous, beloved Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche in the early 1980’s.  Whether your experiences of spirituality are similar or vastly different, and whether you consider them to be similarly surreal or quite conventional, I hope this will speak to you on a human level, and I encourage you to share whatever thoughts and experiences arise to you as you read.

On a broader level, I hope to delve into what it means to be a spiritual practitioner striving toward further embodiment in largely disembodied era, and also to spark discussion on the various implications of modern spirituality across various traditions.  I believe there are many questions to be explored through graphic storytelling about what the modern spiritual experience might look like, literally as well as symbolically.  There is also an incredible richness of imagery and mythology to be drawn from the various classical Buddhist traditions of Asia, and particularly Tibet — the tradition with which I am most intimately familiar.  It will be interesting to explore in a modern graphic-epic context how this narrative and visual wealth in its myriad manifestations is perceived by modern practitioners and non-practitioners alike.

Finally, on a purely playful level, I have created this series and this forum because I love comic books and always have, and hope that this will be an exciting and accessible venue through which to offer and share my passion with a larger community.  So there you have it!  I hope you enjoy reading my humble, rough-hewn offerings as much as I enjoy creating them — what is more, I hope you take the time to explore the various sites (linked to the top of this page) that have inspired me to enter the incredibly creative human collective that is the online contemplative community.


Vajra James

Boulder, Colorado

October 31, 2010



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