At long last — Part IV concludes!

I want to thank everyone for bearing with me (or baring with me).  It has been an interesting few years!  While the first chapter of DR concludes here, there is so much more to the story I hope to tell.  If the following continues to grow and there is a desire to read more please let me know!  Much love and thanks to you all!

The more I work on Dakini Radio, the more abundantly clear it becomes that the fire of creativity is its own mistress, and she enters you when she’s good and ready.  Somehow working closely with the Dakini principle has amplified this, and all I can hope to do is ride her when she comes and dwell in the emptiness when she dissolves — always watching for where she’s pointing me, and what I need to learn in order to grow into her next emanation.

As Trungpa Rinpoche might say, fickle, flexible, ruthless! To which I might say, rest assured, she has returned full force, with answers to questions not even I knew I was asking.  To which Stan Lee might say, see you again soon, truebeliever!


Part IV Continues…

Continue onto part IV here, updated 5/22.

PART III – Now complete!

All of Part III is now up–we are very excited to further explore the adventures of Chögyam Trungpa in the realms of sex, booze, and Ḍākinīs!  — and spaceships… more specifically, mind-ships.  Scroll down if you haven’t gotten a chance to read parts I & II.

New — Gallery

I’ve added a new gallery section, which can be accessed above under “Vajra’s Gallery” or by clicking here.  Keep a third eye out for new galleries to be added under this tab regularly.


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